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The Do’s and Don’ts of Content Curation

To provide fresh and quality content, many blog owners use content curation. To acquire the best results from utilizing content curation marketing, it’s important to know how to use it, and also what to avoid.


a. Have a focus topic on what you want to write about.
b. Ensure this is in line with the focus of your blog or expertise or niche.
c. Source from a variety of sources (google blogs, amazon books, pictures, videos, etc.)
d. Build the ability to “know” which links are clicked by which customers/readers. That way you can then segment them according their preferences.
e. Keep tweaking the focus keyword as you look for material from different sources. This will help you finalize your keyword, and give you ideas for an attention-gripping title.
f. Don’t just collect content and throw it out there. Weave a story or an insight around all the content you collected. If you have an opinion, or a conclusion, state it FIRMLY.
g. KNOW your reader. And provide what is in their best interest and what they would look favorably to.


a. Don’t make all your posts “curated” only. Mix those up with interviews, surveys, news and some original content. Provide variety to your readers.
b. Always proof-read. Use the drag and drop feature. Don’t delete any part of the final “curated” post (you may inadvertently delete original credits).
c. For photographs, ensure that you understand the license/royalty associated with the image.
d. Keep an eye out for the authors whose posts you end up (frequently) curating. Don’t ignore them, but try to build a relationship with them.
e. Don’t use curated content for guest-posting. Original content is looked upon more favorably by sites that approve guest posts.

For some examples of ethical content curation, look at our CurationSoft Survey 2014 prize-winners’ posts below:

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